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Jamorama Guitar Course

The Jamorama Guitar Course is well established as the authority guitar lessons website. The course is comprehensive and caters for all abilities from beginner to advanced. Visit the Jamorama Site HERE

Blues Lead Guitar

The Blues Lead Guitar course will teach you the crtical skill of playing lead electric guitar. In particular you will learn the blues scale and its many variations to improve your playing and creativity. Visit the Blues Lead Guitar HERE

Guitar Superstars

Drawing on the teaching of many guitar teachers this course allows you to specialise on each style of guitar playing as you wish. If you don't hit it off with one teacher it doesn't mattter - go on to the next one. Visit Guitar Superstars HERE

Pure Pitch

You can learn to play guitar by ear by following the Pure Pitch course. You will pick up some good chords and licks within a few days and sound great. You do not need to read music to play well. Visit Pure Pitch HERE

Guitar Scale Mastery

Master the whole of the guitar fretboard with this course. Lots of helpful guitar aids to teach you all positions on the guitar. Lead patterns and techniques for electric guitar. Visit Guitar Scale Mastery HERE


Other websites of interest for new musicians

Songwriting Tips

When Shamir sent me this course I was not sure about it as most of it is in audio form. Actually it is great and the content is supplied by a professional musician and songwriter. Visit Songwriting Tips HERE

Begin Drumming

Run by a professional drummer and with over 4 hours of video tuition. Jim knows his stuff and you will learn all aspects of drum playing. Particularly good for complete beginners. Visit Begin Drumming HERE 


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