5 Reasons Why Online Guitar Lessons Succeed


It has taken the last 5 years for the online guitar lessons to grow up. Old style face to face guitar teachers like myself are being dragged screaming into the 21st century. I still strongly believe that a real teacher is necessary for a number of reasons. The main one is that of feedback. A guitar tutor will pick up very quickly any small errors that are creeping into your playing. You think you are doing it right and are not. Still there are many advantages to using the many online guitar lesson that are now available.

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1. They Are Very Flexible

There is so much material and music within the online guitar courses that you can choose songs you like and learn with them. This means that you can quickly get a small repertoire of songs you want to play. You can show off to any one who says to you “Play me a tune”.

2. Online Guitar Lessons Use Multimedia

Instead of the hallowed silence of the music room you have many tools online to help you learn guitar. The most common is the video guitar lessons and demonstrations. There are also backing tracks for most songs and online guitar tuners. I remember that the first lessons used to waste a huge amount of time trying to tune a guitar. This is completely avoided now because anyone can tune a guitar with the online tuners. So you can concentrate your time on learning to play the guitar.

3. You Can Learn Guitar Anywhere

You are not tied to one location to learn your guitar. If you are away on business you can hook up with your lessons in the hotel and continue playing your guitar. As a side note, you should always have your guitar with you when you go away. I have played for 50 years and have only been away from a guitar for perhaps 7 days in all that time. beginners of the guitar should always be picking up their instrument 3 or 5 times a day.

4. You Are Not Restricted To Lesson Times

Because the content of your lessons is online you can “Attend” your lessons when you can schedule them. You are not tied to your teachers regular time slot. You do still have to make sure you do your lessons on a regular basis. You can be much more flexible with online guitar lessons.

5. The Music And Song Is Contemporary

The Complete Guitar Course is the old stand by for teaching beginners the guitar. The trouble was that the songs were from the sixties. Good songs but way too old for teaching children the guitar. They did not want to play “Blowing In The Wind” and didn't care for “Yellow Submarine” either. The Jamorama Guitar Lessons and the Guitar Superstars Videos are updated on a regular basis which helps children and teenagers interested in learning to play the guitar.

The arrival of these excellent online guitar lessons means that from a teachers point of view we have to work differently. You can still set homework and review performance online by logging into the chosen course and reviewing progress. The only is that for the learner you have to be self motivated to learn guitar online. You do not have quite the same discipline of a weekly face to face tutorial when you learn online.

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