Hi Guys and Girls

I'm Cody John. I have been a guitar teacher and a semi pro musician all my life. This website is a bit of fun for me and helpful to you (Hopefully)

You can get to me by email. admin (at) impossibleniches.com

(I know its a weird address but I have a few sites and it keeps things simple for me)

Its worth pointing out a few pages for you

Guitar Videos - For complete beginners

Guitar Articles - For all levels


Note about product recommendations: The owners of products I recommend will pay me a commision if you buy through a link from this web site. This is not a bad thing. The producers need to get the word out about their stuff and are grateful to me if I help them. So I am happy to help them and I do. I trust you are OK with that. If not don't click.


Cody John


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